Prioritizing Mental Health
Mental health is one of the most important things in someone’s life. It should be prioritised and developed. If misbalanced it can be detrimental to our future, not only in terms of social wellbeing and centralisation of emotions but in our longevity.

First, it is important to understand what mental health is.

First, it is important to understand what mental health is.
Mental health is related to cognitive, behavioral, psychological, and emotional well-being. It affects the way we think, feels, or behave. This kind of health, like all health matters, is important throughout all our lives, from childhood to adulthood.
The origin of mental health disruptions can have multiple factors. It can be related to biological means, for example, genes and their variants, related directly to family history. This factor can increase the development of depression and other mental health issues.
But the existence of genes linked to these diseases may not be the sole cause for bad mental health. Life-changing experiences, for example, traumas and abuses, can be the cause. That is why it is so important to take time for your mental health, and, consequently, reduce the likeliness of illnesses.
If someone mentality is healthy they will be more productive, they will cope better with the stresses of life (independent of age), they will realise unknown potentials, they will make good contributions to their families and communities, and overall, they will enjoy life at its fullest, without the predominance of lack of motivation, laziness, anxiety, depression, and many others. They will be happier.
If someone is having issues regarding their mental health and general wellbeing, they will constantly feel helpless, hopeless, unmotivated, depressed, sleepy, they will possibly indulge in several addictions, they will feel the inability to perform their daily routines (like school, family, or work).
That is why you must prioritise your mental health and implement daily habits that can help you preserve or work recover it.
If you, perhaps, are feeling like this kind of health is not in its best state, you should seek support and contact a professional. This will hopefully give you the help needed. Psychologists can also provide extra value by giving you knowledge that will improve your mental health and reduce the probability of it going back to its previous state. Also (hopefully), you will later feel more supported and accompanied throughout the process, which is always a must for people with mental health issues.
Fitness Exercise
In the beginning, you may not be completely at ease with an opening about your concerns and triggers for anxiety, but once you relax and trust the professionals you will understand how crucial this step is. Deciding to seek help only shows concern and prioritisation for your mental health, not weakness.
When I was struggling with my mental health issues I found a lot of things that helped (and that actually helped me to start this company) which include exercise, walks in nature, and CBD.
Sometimes just being physically active can give you a little boost to get through that bad period. 
Implementing a time and day of the week where you will exercise will make you feel less stressed, more accomplished, more positive, and more tired, which can contribute to a night of better sleep. Generally, people that suffer from mental health problems don't get enough sleep (That’s the main way the CBD helped me).
Physical Activeness
This is the reason for the tiredness and laziness throughout the day. That is why it could be worth trying to create a schedule that will help you recover your energy and keep you on track.
Good sleep determines our energy for the next day and gives us time to recover both physically and mentally. During this time, our brain functions to provide us with the right amount of energy.
A lack of balance in this department will make you feel tired and incapable of getting on with the day. Therefore, if sleep isn't prioritised there will only be a negative contribution to your bad mental health.
Recently, there has been an increase in products available that can help you have a night of better sleep and make you feel more relaxed. Most of them include CBD.
CBD is the short-term for cannabidiol. This chemical compound is not psychoactive, which means it will not cause you harm, only provide a feeling of calmness and relaxation. This substance is mostly used in oils that help you have a better night of sleep, reducing certain pains you might have in your body and decreasing anxiety levels.
This can be an excellent option if you are dealing with insomnia and other sleeping disruptions. It will calm you down, reduce your anxiety, and allow you to have a deeper sleep, which later on helps with the energy you have throughout the day. Having the right amount of sleep is extremely important, even if you are not dealing with mental problems.
It increases our capacity for cognitive response. Sleep is important to all of us. When having problems regarding this department you must try to indulge in these oils and treatments, they can be the cure for your overall health. 
If you decided to buy it, please let us know how it works for you. If it helps you, continue with it, but try to not be too excessive with the quantities you use at a time. Like everything, use it in moderation.  
Connecting with other people can also be a great exercise for having better social well-being. Again, stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite difficult, but once you start to form new friendships you'll be more positive and surrounded by new and better energies, instead of sitting with just your own thoughts. Friends play a crucial part in our health.
One of the best things you should do when suffering internally with your health is to discover and develop coping skills. Coping skills or strategies are the reactions and behaviours one adopts to deal with difficult situations, whether it is anxiety, depression, and many others. Specifically, for people that are feeling mentally ill, meditating, drawing, gardening, crying, writing about your feelings, going for a walk, cleaning, and organising, or even, going as far as taking a vacation or break, seem to have a successful impact on the current issues one might be feeling. Instead of working for yourself, working on yourself is, most of the time, more beneficial for you.  
Another great piece of advice is, try to spend more time outdoors, preferably in contact with nature. Taking some time off your day to just breathe fresh air has shown that it boosts your mood and positivity – which is crucial – but it also increases your serotonin levels, which regulate anxiety and boosts your happiness. You’ll feel more motivated and happier at the end of a walk outside. 
Something you should work on is doing something nice and genuine for others, whether it is a family member or a friend. Although kindness can sometimes be seen just as good manners and respect for others, it is much more than that. Besides increasing your social interactions, it will keep your positive mindset up and running, as well as creating true happiness for someone else. This can be as simple as a compliment or small effort, but it can make a big change in your and other's lives. 
Social media has a huge impact on our life, especially on the younger generations. We get too focused on the metrics and spend thousands of hours looking at a screen. In the virtual world, it is very common to compare yourself to other people, which is not helpful.
Some people can start to lose confidence, and most of the time we miss out on important moments in our lives, that we could be spending with the people we love. That is why it is so important to detach yourself from technology at times, this is called a digital detox. 
By constantly comparing yourself with other people, individuals start to look more in-depth at their bodies figure and overall lifestyle.
Overall, although technology and virtual development can have many advantages, there are and will always be disadvantages. Don't ever lose yourself on these apps. People may come across as appealing, happy and desirable, but often beneath the surface, they are no happier than others and have their own issues. 
Mental health is very important in one's life, we must prioritise it and preserve it. We must become more mindful of our health and our surrounding environment.
Take actions to increase its well-being and don't be afraid to seek help when needed. We are all humans, and we all need support, comfort, and good people around us. Even if you are not feeling mentally ill and burnout, make sure you take care of yourself and don't get too caught up in work or obligations. 
Mental health is the basis for everything, without its wellness, we will not feel like ourselves. 
We are our health; we must prioritise it and preserve it.